Mobile Healthcare Technologies May Save Your Life

Mobile health doctors connect with patients using Smart Phone and Apps

This blog post is contributed by Tom Devlin, Workplace Services, Mobility, Offering Architect, Community of Practice Leader, IBM

Never saw it coming

I didn’t know how much I would learn about technologies along my way to recovery from a heart attack. The attack was unexpected, but I have now recovered. While I’m a little overweight, I had no previous issues with high blood pressure or cholesterol, but it happened anyway! Even the staff in the emergency room thought it would be something else until the test results came back.

Some personal advice: if you’re over 50, get a full cardiac workup! If you think you may be having an attack, assume you are and act immediately. In general my health was okay, but it happened nonetheless. Fortunately, my doctors discovered and resolved the problem quickly with the placement of two stents, and I’m now doing well. I was very lucky!

Mobility: When I’m not here, I’m here!

A month after the attack, I was having an issue with an irregular heartbeat. I returned to the emergency room, but my cardiologist was off for the weekend, so I had to see someone who was filling in. I got some medications and was given electrolytes, but I was still concerned since I didn’t get to see my regular doctor.

By the time my cardiologist arrived on Monday morning, I was feeling better. I wanted to fill him in on what had happened, but as I started he said, “I know all about it; when I’m not here, I’m here! I followed the treatment from my iPhone.” Being a mobile technology and device guy, I was pleasantly surprised! In the discussions that followed, I learned that doctors can now access all the available health record information from workstations in the hospital as well as from remote workstations at their home or office. Remote access to health records is somewhat less available to iPhones and iPads, but my cardiologist informed me that more capability to iPad will be available soon.

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Learning about mHealth
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